Getting started with SMS and email in Timely

With Timely, you have a huge amount of options available for staying in touch with your clients! Want to message your clients before their appointment? What about after for an aftercare message? Want them to review you on google? Want to remind them to book in with you after a few weeks? All of this is possible!

For all messaging options in Timely, you can choose to send SMS (text messages) and or Emails. Emails are included in your plan at no extra cost, but there are additional charges for SMS.

In this guide we'll cover everything you need to know about:

  1. Sending SMS from Timely.
  2. Sending email from Timely.
  3. What customer messaging options are available.
  4. What staff messaging options are available.


Sending SMS from Timely

The package that you've chosen for your business how many SMS messages are included each month. However, if you want to run a targeted SMS campaign, a bulk SMS campaign or simply send a few more messages, you can!

What happens when you go over your SMS limit

Let's say that you've gone over your SMS limit because you had more appointments than normal this month, that's great news and not a problem, you'll just be charged a small excess SMS rate per extra SMS.

Example: Let's say you're based in Australia and you saw 50 extra clients that month. If you sent one reminder for each extra appointment, you would be charged an extra $4 AUD on your next billing date (8c x 50 = $4).

To check your SMS balance, go to  Account > SMS usage:

Check out our excess charges per country below:

New Zealand Australia Great Britain Ireland USA & Canada Rest of the World
10c  8c 6p 8c 5c 8c 

How to get more SMS 

If you'd like more SMS on your plan, you can upgrade your plan to one with a higher SMS quota. If you're consistently going over your limit, it may be worth considering given the cost of excess SMS. 

Changing plans is easy, simply head to  Account > Billing, or find out more about changing your plan here.


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Sending Email from Timely

Emails are included as part of your plan cost. Emails are perfect for longer-form communication and you have a range of great email options available in Timely. Keep reading below to find out more about those messaging options!

All your emails will be sent by us, but we'll assign your email address as the " Reply to" email - this means that any time a client replies to an email, it will go straight to your inbox directly. You can then continue the conversation there.

We'll do our best to make sure those emails end up in the right place, but some email systems can incorrectly mark these as junk or spam. We've got some tips for how to prevent that in our guide below:


What customer messaging options are available?

In Timely, you have heaps of customer messaging options available. This allows you to keep clients in the loop with bookings, reduce no shows, increase sales and retention and build better relationships with clients.

You'll be able to set up all of your automated customer messages (including reminders and notifications) in one place, under the  Customer messages section. You have the following messaging options available in both SMS and email:

  1. Customer reminders
  2. Customer confirmation and booking change notifications
  3. Customer notifications for "No show" appointments
  4. Post-appointment follow up messages
  5. Rebooking reminders
  6. One off or ad hoc messaging (Manually send messages to individual clients)
  7. Bulk SMS marketing* (Only available in selected countries)
  8. Bulk Email marketing via MailChimp


What staff messaging options are available

To make sure your staff are also kept in the loop with their bookings, you have a few staff messaging options available too!
  1. Notifications for new bookings, booking changes and cancellations
  2. Online booking notifications - be notified if you receive any online bookings specifically
  3. Automatic day sheet emails - staff can receive an email every day with their appointments listed
  4. One off or ad hoc messaging - send staff a quick SMS or email from within Timely

Check out the following guides for more info:

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