How to update your stock levels in bulk

Whether you've just received an order from a supplier, or you're wanting to update the internal stock you've used today; updating products individually is pretty tedious.

To make this process smoother, we have a Manage stock option that allows you to update the levels of your stock in bulk. This includes both retail and professional stock and allows for adding or removing stock. 

This feature may not be available on your current plan. Find out how to upgrade in our How to change your Timely plan guide.

Update your stock levels in bulk

You will need to apply separate stock adjustments for increases and decreases. 

  1. Head to Setup > Products from the main menu.
  2. Click the Manage stock button next to the product search:


  3. First, you can choose if you would like to Add stock or Reduce stock:

  4. Then you can select the Location you would like to make adjustments to in the Where field:

  5. Select a reason for the adjustment in the Why field e.g. "New stock": 

  6. Next you can add products to the adjustment.
  7. Select a Product from the Choose products field. You can search for a product by name, or by SKU/Handle, or scan using a barcode scanner. Click on the product in the search results to add the product to the adjustment: 

  8. You can use the field provided to adjust the amount: 
  9. Use the [+] to increase the adjustment, or the [-] to decrease the number of products: 

  10. To remove a product from the adjustment, click the "X" next to the product in the list: 
  11. Once you've added all the stock you would like to apply an adjustment for, click the Save button to apply: 

  12. You will be returned to the Products tab where a success message will be shown.

Viewing stock changes

To view a detailed history of stock adjustments, check out the Stock movement report: 

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