Scan or upload documents on the iOS app

Note: To make sure you get the very best app experience, you'll need to have the latest version of IOS installed on your phone or iPad. 

 If you're using the Timely app on your iPhone or iPad, you'll be able to scan, upload or attach documents to client records. This is perfect for:

  • Recording and storing paper consultation forms digitally.
  • Capturing client consent and signed waivers.
  • Keeping records of detailed treatment notes.

This allows you to easily keep all of your relevant client information, in one place. 

In this guide we'll cover how to:

  1. Automatically scan and attach a document.
  2. Send a document to Timely.
  3. Give staff access to documents.


Scan and attach a document

If you have a physical paper form or document you want to attach to a client's record, you can scan this using your camera via the Timely iOS app.
  1. Head to the Customers tab and search for the client you'd like to add a document to.
  2. In their record, you'll see a section for Documents. Tap Scan a document

  3. First, you'll be asked to give the document a Title

  4. Tap +Add page to start to add the document:
  5. You can choose to take a photo of the document now, or select a photo of the document that you already taken.
  6. To take a photo of the document now, tap Take photo to add the first page:

    Timely will ask permission to access your Camera. You'll only be asked the first time and you can revoke this access at any time.

    1. Focus your camera on the page, try to keep the edge of the document in line with the photo frame: 

    2. The document scanner will automatically detect the page and will crop it for you. Click 'Next', If needed you can rotate, resize or crop the image further, when you are happy with the image, click 'Done'

    3. Tap the tick icon to add the photo to the document.

    4. Check out this quick GIF of the scanning process. 

  7. To select an existing photo, tap Select existing:

    Timely will ask permission to access your Photos. You'll only be asked the first time and you can revoke this access at any time.

    1. Select the photo from your gallery: 
    2. You'll then be able to crop, rotate or resize the image: 
    3. Tap Done to add the page to the document: 
  8. Tap +Add page and repeat steps (5 -7) for any remaining pages. 
  9. Tap Save to add the document to the client's record: 
  10. The file will then be stored in the Customer documents section: 

Coming soon! We're adding the ability to upload a document or file from your iOS device directly to Timely. In the meantime, you can follow the instructions below to add files to Timely.


Send a document to Timely

If you are viewing a document online or exporting a document from another system, then you can save this directly from Timely via the iOS action menu.
  1. View the PDF or document on your iOS device.
  2. Tap the share action menu icon: 

  3. Select Copy to Timely from the app options: 

    If Timely doesn't show up in your app list, you may need to tap the More menu and toggle share to Timely as ON.

  4. You'll then be taken to the Timely app, where you can select a client to add the document to.
  5. Enter a title and tap Save to add the document to the client's record.


Giving staff access to documents

You are able to control which staff members have access to your customer attachments.. You will need to update their access on the full Timely website.
  1. Head to Account > Staff access.
  2. Click Edit access next to the staff member.
  3. Scroll down to the Customers section.
  4. If the staff member has access to the Customers tab, there will be an additional checkbox available: 
    Check the box next to Allow access to customer attachments if you'd like them to be able to view, upload, edit or delete documents.
  5. Click Save to apply.

Check out our  How to restrict staff access guide for more information.

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