Getting started & FAQ's with Afterpay

Afterpay is a payment service that allows clients to pay for retail products, gift vouchers, services and packages in store. The business immediately receives the payment in full, while the client pays off their balance over four fortnightly instalments.

Since launching our partnership with Afterpay, we’ve seen some of our customers double their revenue! We want you to have the same insane success with Afterpay too. Click here for our in-depth expert advice on making Afterpay a game-changer in your business.



Afterpay is only available to customers based in Australia and New Zealand.

How does it work?

  1. The client books their appointment.
  2. After their visit, pay for their appointment using their Afterpay account.
  3. If approved, the full amount is deposited in your merchant account.
  4. The client then pays off their Afterpay balance over four fortnightly instalments. 

Check out this great video explaining how Afterpay works for the client -we recommend you share this with your clients and staff.

In the first version of our integration with Afterpay, you will only be able to use Afterpay for in-person payments on our Web App or via our iOS App. However, taking online payments via Afterpay is something we're keen to add soon!

Why Afterpay?

Once you're registered as a merchant with Afterpay, you can receive payments from clients that have Afterpay accounts. You get paid immediately, while clients pay off their balance directly to Afterpay.

  • Boost purchase power: Clients pay a fraction of the cost up front, which makes them more inclined to spend more. Afterpay users see an increase in total sale value up to 20% more*.
  • Sell more with less risk: You receive the payment upfront, while clients pay later. Afterpay manages all fraud and credit risk so you can focus on creating a delightful client experience, without the financial worry.
  • Increase new and repeat business: Afterpay has over 2 million customers and nearly 90% of transactions are from repeat clients.
  • Create a seamless checkout experience: It’s easy to setup and use Afterpay in Timely. Simply enter or scan your customer’s unique barcode from their Afterpay app directly into Timely and the sale is done.

Using Afterpay with Timely

To use Afterpay with your Timely account you will need to:

  1. Complete the merchant application form on Afterpay's website: 
    1. Australia:
    2. New Zealand:
  2. Afterpay will provide the connection details to Timely so that Afterpay can be connected to your Timely account (Afterpay will follow up with an email).
  3. Clients can then Make payments using Afterpay when they visit.

Frequently asked questions

What are the costs involved? Are there any fees? 

If you're on our Build, Elevate, Innovate or Tailored plans then there is no charge from Timely. Afterpay charge a percentage for the transaction.  For more information on how much this is we can put you in touch with someone at Afterpay who will guide you through their costs and services.

How do I withdraw payments from Afterpay?

Afterpay will automatically pay out settled payments (i.e. less any fees) to your nominated bank account, after the agreed processing time (according to the Afterpay website this is usually 2 days).

Find out more about merchant settlement:

Find out more about updating your bank details:

How do clients sign up for Afterpay?

Clients can sign up with Afterpay before making payments via the website or mobile app. Clients can also sign up to Afterpay the first time they make a payment. They'll be required to provide their payment details, like a regular payment, to start the process.

Clients will need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid credit or debit card. Check out the following Afterpay guides for more information on what's required:

How do I promote Afterpay in my business?

To make it easier to promote Afterpay in your business we’ve have created these useful social media images. Simply download and share on your Facebook or Instagram pages.

Plus check out this blog to get expert advice on making Afterpay a game changer at your salon!

I already have Afterpay - can I connect it to Timely?

That depends.  If you already use Afterpay either directly or through another supplier, you can continue to use that with Timely by manually keying your transactions into Timely.  If you'd like to use the Timely integration with Afterpay you may need to sign up for a new Afterpay account or agree to new Afterpay terms and conditions. Send us an email to and let us know how you use Afterpay at the moment and our team can help you out.

Can I have this and Zippay?Genoapay?

Yes, but with Afterpay integrated to Timely, your clients will benefit from a seamless experience.

Does every transaction get approved? What about bad debtors?

Afterpay doesn't approve every transaction. They will take a number of factors into account when determining whether or not to approve a transaction.  Find out more.

Afterpay has policies in place for handling late payments and bad debtors and promote "responsible spending". You can find out more about those principles, and other debt management resources, in this Afterpay guide:

What is the minimum spend?

The minimum spend or purchase amount for an Afterpay payment is $35. 

What happens if the client defaults on a payment? 

Afterpay will manage any late payments from clients. There will be a default late payment fee of $10, then $7 for every additional 7 days the payment is overdue. For purchases of over $40, there will be a cap of  one $10 late fee. For purchases over $40, late fees will capped at 25% of the original purchase price or AU$68 / NZ$51, whichever is less. Find out more in their Terms & Conditions:

Can I use this on my iPhone/iPad/Android/Desktop?

Yes! Once set up you can process payments via Afterpay on our Timely desktop or iOS app. Note: Raising sales and applying payments via Afterpay isn't currently supported on our Android app.

Can I use Afterpay to take deposits?

No, deposits can't be paid for by Afterpay as Afterpay can only be used for the last payment of a transaction.

I received this error message when entering the barcode: "credentials are required to raise this invoice"?

If you received an error message when entering a client's barcode this is likely because the Afterpay key used to set up the Timely integration has been invalidated at the Afterpay end. To solve this, we have to request a new key and re-add it to your Timely account. Please email us at immediately and we'll work with Afterpay directly.

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