Payments using Afterpay

With Timely, clients can use Afterpay to pay for any in store purchases (retail products, gift vouchers, appointments and packages).

Afterpay is a payment service that allows clients to pay for retail products, gift vouchers, services and packages, both online and in store. The business immediately receives the payment in full, while the client pays off their balance over four fortnightly instalments.

Afterpay is currently only supported in Australia and New Zealand.

Important information: Adding an Afterpay payment to an invoice locks the invoice for editing, so no further payments can be added.

To process a payment via Afterpay:

  1. Raise a sale as you would normally: How to raise a sale.
  2. When you get to the payment screen, you will see Afterpay as an option: 

  3. Select Afterpay from the options: 
  4. Scan or enter the client's barcode (from their iOS App or Android App): 

  5. Adjust the location and staff member assigned to the payment (if desired).
  6. Click Save to apply the payment: 

  7. The payment amount and type will be displayed on the final invoice: 

Just like any other payment a client can pay for their services or products with multiple payment types that include Afterpay for a single sale.

Refunds can be processed directly in your Afterpay portal and the corresponding invoice then needs to be deleted in Timely.

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