Getting started with salon client consultations

Consultations are an important part of delivering an outstanding client experience.

We've worked with  DCI education to put together a hair salon consultation form that you can use to collect information from clients, set expectations and deliver results your clients will love.

In this guide, we'll show you how to:

  1. Download the Timely Consult for Hair Salons app.
  2. Record the initial consultation.
  3. Complete the consultation for a process.
  4. Share the completed consultation.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions.


Download the Timely Consult for Hair Salons

The Timely Consult for Hair Salons app is separate from the regular Timely app, so you'll need to download the app first to get started:

  1. Launch the App Store on your iPhone or iPad:
  2. Tap the search option and type in Timely
  3. Or, follow this link to open the app directly in the App Store:
  4. Select Hair Consult App from the results: 
  5. Tap GET to start downloading the app to your device:
  6. Once it's downloaded, you can open the Consult for Hair Salons app, where you'll be prompted to enter your Salon name and email address:


Record the initial consultation

The consultation process is broken down into three clearly defined steps, or stages. You'll be able to save and exit the process at any step and return to the consultation later. 

Client care form

This allows you to capture the client's expectations about their appointment today, as well as collect some background information and hair history.

  1. First, you will select if they are a New client or Returning client:
  2. Enter the client's Name in the field provided (this is the only mandatory question).
  3. When you select  New client we'll ask them some additional information, like their email address and contact number.
  4. Then select any relevant answers from the How are you feeling about yourself today section
  5. Then they can enter their expectations for today's appointment. This covers their hair condition, cut & colour, and their regular maintenance schedule.
  6. At the end of the first section, they'll be prompted to sign and Complete the first step:
  7. You'll see the progress you're making on the consultation:

Scope of works

This ensures you are both on the same page with what service(s) you're delivering today. You should go through this process with the client.

  1. Tap on Step 2 - Scope of works:
  2. You can then confirm:
    1. Their expected outcomes of today's appointment.
    2. What they would most like to improve/address.
    3. That they have understood what services they are receiving today.
  3. You can enter their Budget, discuss your final Quote and estimated Time to complete:

Discuss with the client if they would like to have some Conversation or use their appointment time as a Time out, i.e. they'd prefer not to talk.

When you're all in agreement, they can read through the terms and conditions and sign in the box provided:

  1. Click Complete to save the client's consultation. Step 2 will now show us as being checked.


Complete the consultation process

After the services are complete, you can complete the rest of the consultation process.

After service sign off

This gives the client the opportunity to voice any concerns and to make sure they are happy with the final product.

  1. Open up the app.
  2. You will be able to tap on the In progress consultations to view a list of all incomplete consultations:
  3. Tap on the client's name:
  4. Then tap on Step 3 - After service sign off:
  5. They can then sign in the field provided, to make it official:


Complete the consultation process

Once all three steps are complete, you'll be prompted to Share document: When you tap share, you will be able to share a PDF version of the completed consultation form to your MessagesMail, or any other supported applications: 

If you have the Timely app installed on your device already, you can save the completed form straight to the client's record in Timely.

Save to your client's record in Timely

  1. Select 'Share document'
  2. Select 'Copy to Timely'
  3. Search and select on the client's name. If you have multiple clients with the same name, a list of those names will appear with their contact details. Using their contact details you can determine who is the correct client to save the consultation form against.
  4. Select 'Save'

All saved consultations can be found in your client's record:

    Frequently asked questions

    1. Can I use the Hair Consult form on any device?
      1. At the moment the Hair Consult form can only be used on an iPad using the iOS app. It will be available on iPhone from late October.
    2. Do I need the Timely iOS app to share consultations?
      1. Yes, existing Timely customers who want to upload their consultations to their client’s details screen can only do this using our iOS app.
    3. Can I print this on a printer?
      1. Yes, you can send it to your printer, or share via email. The consultation form will be saved and shared as a pdf.
    4. Do I have to fill out all three forms?
      1. No, we recommend that all three forms are completed, but that is not compulsory. You just need to select ‘complete’ at the end of at least one of the sections to enable you to share the consultation form or upload it to your client’s details in Timely.
    5. The app froze and I can't find the consultation I was working on?
      1. So long as you have not uninstalled the app, all consultations will be saved within the consultation app. Check the ‘in progress consultations’.
    6. Can I sign with my finger?
      1. Yes
    7. What happens if a returning client has another consult?
      1. We recommend you perform a consultation at every visit. For returning clients, you can search on their name and start a new consult. There is no limit to the number of consultation forms saved or uploaded into Timely.
    8. What happens if customers have the same name?
      1. If you have more than one client with the same name, then at the time you go to share your consultation form in Timely a list of all clients with that name will appear, along with their contact details -so you can easily check who the correct client is.
    9. Can I add or remove questions?
      1. No. This form has been tried and tested and should include the key questions for delivering a client consultation. The questions are not mandatory so you can skip questions that you feel don’t apply.
    10. Can I export the form and send it to a client before their booking to prefill and email back to me?
      1. No. You’ll need to complete at least one section of the form before you can send or share it with the client. We recommend that a consult if performed in the salon to ensure both the client and salon expectations are met.
    11. Where is the consultation saved?
      1. The consultations will be saved within the app for as long as you have the app installed. If you uninstall the app then you will lose all consultations. We recommend sharing your consultation forms to the relevant client details screen in Timely.

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