Getting Started with Importing Data

Welcome to Timely, let's get your data moved from your old system!

Moving your data from your old system to Timely doesn't have to be a stressful activity. This guide provides you with an overview of the import process, your Customer Success Coach can provide more details.

We'll cover how to:

  1. Who can get an import?
  2. What can we import?
  3. Getting prepared.
  4. Specific systems.
  5. Product Imports
  6. Frequently Asked Questions


Who can get an import?

You are entitled to an import if you fit the following criteria:
Amount of Staff Plan Level Payment Type
1 staff/solo worker Innovate or Elevate Annual
2+ staff Innovate or Elevate Monthly or Annual


What can we import?

What we can import is determined by the system you are leaving. Most systems allow us to import:    

Some systems also allow us to import:

  • Products
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Client notes with limitations by system
  • Previous Product Purchases as Client Notes

There are some limitations to the import process:

  • We only import 12 months of appointment history
  • We are unable to import package data
  • We are unable to bring across Consultation Forms and Client Photos
  • We are limited in what notes we can export from the different systems
  • We are unable to bring across any financial data (including invoices, deposits and credits) into Timely - best to leave that history in your accounting system

Getting prepared

First Steps

Your Customer Success Coach will send you a checklist of actions to be completed before we can book in your import. 

Make sure you complete the checklist and return it so we can get you into our import calendar. 

Typically we need to know:
  • What days of the week are you closed?
  • The staff (first and last names) you wish to have data pulled into Timely for.
  • Are there any old or archived staff in your old system? If so, what would you like us to do with their data?
  • What data would you like - Appointments/Clients/Services/Products/Client notes? This is dependant on your system.
  • Would you like your appointments imported as 'Pencilled-in' or 'Confirmed'? (See explanation: Booking Statuses in Timely)
  • Have you got TeamViewer downloaded? 

Next Steps

If you have created any Services, Products or Staff during your trial period the import team will be removing these to ensure we can match the data from your old system.

If you want to introduce new products or services when you are using Timely only do this once your data import process has been completed.


System-specific requirements

Some systems have specific limitation or requirements.
System Clients Appointments Services Products Client/Colour
Fresha Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Shortcuts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Kitomba Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
SimpleSalon Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Acuity Scheduling Yes Yes Yes No No No No
Hairware/Beautyware Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SalonIris Yes Yes Yes Yes Possibly Yes Possibly
MindBody Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Setmore Yes Yes Yes No No No No
Vagaro Yes No Yes Yes No No No
Booksy Yes Yes Possibly Possibly Possibly Possibly Possibly
Ovatu Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Premier Yes Yes Yes Possibly Possibly Possibly Possibly
Cliniko Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
SAM/Australia POS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

*possibly - this depends on what your current system will allow. Please ask your Customer Success Coach for more details 


If you are using Service Groups or Packages please let your Customer Success Coach know as there are limitations with what we can import.


Product Imports

For a brand new import

Please send us a csv of your products we can load them for you - ideally the csv should match our standard template for Products.

We do not have lists of products from suppliers, you will need to provide your own supplier's product list.

Updates/Pricing Changes/Stock Takes

  1. Contact the Customer Success team on and request an export of your current stock levels. 
  2. Confirm a date with the Customer Success team that you will be doing the stock take on.
  3. The Customer Success team will send you a Google Sheet of your current products so you can update the levels. 
  4. Let the Customer Success team know when you are done. It is critical that you do not sell products until you've heard back from the team that your stock levels have been updated.


Frequently asked questions

What time (my time) would this occur?
Your Customer Success Coach will arrange this with you based on a time that suits you and when our team is available to do your import.
During this process are we able to have access to our system or will it be completely offline and how long will the process take?
Depending on the amount of data, imports typically take around day to complete. On the day of import, you can still use your old software to manage your bookings however, you must keep a record of any future bookings you make or change so you can update these in Timely once the import is complete. This is because the import takes a few hours so once we have copied your data from your old software any new information won’t be captured in the import
Would you require assistance from one of our team members at this time
Once we have the data we should be all good to go but it is super helpful for us to have someone available just in case we need access again or have any questions
Once this process is completed would we begin to use Timely immediately?
That's correct, once we give you the all clear you can begin using Timely :-)
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