Connecting Google Tag Manager to Timely

If you’re investing in online marketing, Google Tag Manager (GTM) can help you gain insight into your campaigns, helping you to make informed and precise marketing decisions. Many people find Google Tag Manager tricky to get right and getting it wrong can lead to major issues with your website and online booking. For that reason (unless you’re a seasoned professional), we’d recommend that you hire a specialist. Reach out to our recommended specialists listed here:

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Savvy Solutions
+64 3 974 2474
  Strategic Web Success UK Ltd
Consultants In A Box
System Services
+64 02111 48179
+61 404 608 039 
    The Whittaker Group, Inc
Hello Digital

To start using Google Tag Manager, you’ll need to register your email address.

Head to and ‘Create an Account’

To get your 'container ID',  log in  to your Google Tag Manager account and copy this ID

In Timely, head to Settings > Promote > Analytics tools

Paste the ID into 'Container ID' field and hit 'Save'

The Google Tag Manager container should be active on online booking, you can test it by going into ‘Preview’ mode in Google Tag Manager. You should now head over to Using Google Tag Manager effectively for advice on how to get the most out of Google Tag Manager and Timely. 

For Google’s official help guides on Google Tag Manager, click here and you’ll be directed to them.

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