Add Online Booking to Google My Business

Adding your Timely online booking form to your 'Google My Business' page is easy, just follow the steps below.

  1. Click here and head to step 2 of instructions on getting your booking link. Once you see your booking link, copy it.

    We suggest adding a link to your online booking form instead of adding a link to your mini website.

  2. Sign in to Google My Business
  3. Choose the location you'd like to edit, and then 'click' Info
  4. Edit the 'URLs' section, 'paste' your booking link (which you copied earlier) into the Appointment URL, then 'click' Apply

Can't see the Appointment URL option? You can update your primary category to one that offers bookings, click here for more information.

Google could do a review of the changes that you've made and this can take up to three days. But once that's done, your booking link will show up in your Google Business profile!

Does Timely integrate with 'Reserve with Google'?

'Reserve with Google' is a new Google feature that lets people book online from 'Google Search' or from 'Google Maps'.  

Unfortunately, at this time, Google Reserve doesn't support some of Timely's popular features such as buying gift vouchers online.

To make the most out of Timely's online booking (and prevent possible client confusion and/ or double bookings!) we recommend adding your online booking link to Google My Business instead.

More information and help on signing up for 'Google My Business' click here

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