How to create or edit your own Consult form

Consultations are an important part of delivering an outstanding client experience. More than just client consultations, Consult’s customisable forms will help you streamline your business, protect your brand and deliver an exceptional client experience.  Consult is an easy to use iPad/iPhone app that’s free to everyone, not just Timely customers. Download Consult here.

This help guide teaches you how to create and edit your own Consult forms as well as explaining the types of questions you can ask.

On the 'Start a Consultation' screen, tap the 'Create a form' button. This will take you to the Form Builder. You can also choose to edit an existing form, such as Dario's form, by clicking the three dots on any form and selecting 'edit'. 

On an iPad you will see a list of form components to the left and your 'in progress' forms to the right. 

On an iPhone the components are in a drawer at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on a component to edit it, or drag them around to reorder your form.

The cog icon in the top right corner is where you can rename your form and give it a description. You can also share it with your business, or delete your form if you don’t need it anymore. At any stage you can click Preview to check what your completed form will look like.

'Click' save to save your progress and exit back to your Library.

You have the option to choose which type of questions you ask in your consultation form, listed below are the types of questions you can ask.

Client Details

All forms will have a Client Detail block already added to the form. We need to capture your client’s name to correctly save your consultations so this block can’t be deleted. You can edit the Client Detail block to also capture Email, Phone and Date of Birth. If you have syncing back to Timely enabled these details will be updated on your client’s Timely profile, or we will use this information to create a new client profile.


A Yes/No question type will as a question and restrict your clients response to Yes or No. You can edit the question being asked, and set if the question is required.

Multiple Choice

A Multiple choice questions allow you to ask a question with several options for answers. You can set the question and answers, and also define if the question should have a single answer, or if there should be the option to select multiple answers.

Short Answer

The short answer question allows you to ask a question with a single line for a free text answer.

Long Answer

If your question requires a larger text response, you can use the long answer question type. This allows will give a free text box that will continue to expand to give clients as much room as they need to give a response.

Date Picker

If you need to ask your client about a date, you can use the date picker box. Clicking edit will allow you to set the question and select whether or not the question is required.


Add text to this component to give a section of your form a heading. There will be no response needed from your client.


You can use the Paragraph component to add in information for your client that doesn’t require any answer, for example terms of service or details of a service to be provided.


The Drawing component allows you to draw over top of an image in your consultation. You can set a standard image into your consultation template, or you can add an image during the consultation specific to your client. You can choose to upload an image from your device, use our document scanner, or even take a photo. This is really helpful when completing consultations where you want to show your client what products or services will be used on what parts of their body. 

When you use this question type in a consultation you'll be able to choose different colours and line thicknesses so that you can mark up your image exactly as you need.


Some consultation forms require your client’s signature. You can add a signature field that will allow your client to sign directly into consult using your devices touch screen. You can also add custom copy to your signature field. If you’re adding a legal disclaimer or terms and conditions please make sure that you seek your own legal advice.

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