Using Consult at your business

Consultations are an important part of delivering an outstanding client experience. More than just client consultations, Consult’s customisable forms will help you streamline your business, protect your brand and deliver an exceptional client experience.  Consult is an easy to use iPad/iPhone app that’s free to everyone, not just Timely customers. Download Consult here.

This guide walks through the process of using Consult at your business. 

Starting a Consultation

To start a consultation, simply 'click' on the icon of the form you would like to use from your Library. The Consultation will load for either you or your client to fill in.

If you are on an Elevate or Innovate Timely plan you will be able to search your Timely contacts to pull down user details into your consultation form before you begin. Any updates to these answers will be synced back to the client record at the end of the consultation. If you’re speaking with a new client, you can select New Client and a new record will be made in Timely at the end of your consultation.

Once your consultation is finished, 'click'  Complete to lock down your client's answers. 

You can download a copy of your consultation as a PDF, or if you are a Timely Customer with Client Documents enabled you can sync directly back to the client record.

If you need to exit your consultation you can 'click' Cancel where you can either save your progress or delete the consultation. To restart your saved consultation just visit the Consultations tab.

Starting a consultation from Timely

Timely Customers with access to Documents can also begin a consultation from within the Timely app. Just go to the customer’s profile, and scroll down to documents. Under Documents, tap on “Start consultation” Consult will automatically open and the Client’s details will be populated in the Consultation template that you select. When the Consultation is completed, it will sync back to the Client’s timely record.

The Consultations Tab:

The Consultations Tab is where you’ll find all your in progress and completed consultations. 

Consultations are sorted by status (In progress, Complete), and by 'type' to help you find what you’re looking for.

Incomplete Consultations

If you tap on an 'In progress' consultation you will re-enter the form and will be able to continue your consultation with your client. If you’d like to delete the consultation swipe the title of the consultation to the left then 'click' delete.

Completed Consultations

Completed consultations will be saved to your device. You can download a copy of your consultation as a PDF, or if you are a Timely Customer with Client Documents enabled you can sync directly back to the client record. Just 'click' on the consultation and 'click' share or sync. You can delete a completed consultation by swiping its title to the left and then selecting delete

Updates to the App

We’re always working to improve Consult and bring you great new features to make your Client experience perfect. Sometimes when we add a new feature the app will need to be updated in order to keep running correctly (big features can mean big changes in the way things work in the background!) 

If this is the case we’ll send you a pop-up message in the app. You’ll need to update Consult in the app store before you can continue using it.

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