Managing Expert and Custom Forms

Consultations are an important part of delivering an outstanding client experience. More than just client consultations, Consult’s customisable forms will help you streamline your business, protect your brand and deliver an exceptional client experience.  Consult is an easy to use iPad/iPhone app that’s free to everyone, not just Timely customers. Download Consult here.

Adding an Expert or Industry Form to your Library

When you view your Library you’ll see a number of expert and industry templates available for use. Click on any form to get more information about the consultation form and how it was developed. You can preview the template to see what the questions are, and if you’d like to try it out, just click “Get”.

To use the Dario Cotroneo template you’ll be asked to join the DCI Education community. You’ll be able to rename the template if you like, or just click save and it will be added to your Library. You can edit an expert form if you’d like to tweak it for your business, and you can also copy it over multiple times if you’d like to have different versions of a form.

If you click on the three dots in the corner of your consultations you will see three options; Edit, Duplicate and Delete

Editing a Form

If you click edit, your template will open in the form builder. You can then make any changes to your template. Changing your template will only affect future consultations, not in progress or completed consultations.

Duplicate a Form

You can easily make copies of your forms by selecting Duplicate. You will be prompted to rename your copy, and then your duplicate form will appear in your library. This is great for services that need very similar consultation forms. You can create your first firm, then duplicate and tweak the copy to make it work for another service.

Deleting a form from your Library

If you decide that you no longer need a Consultation Template you can delete it from your library by clicking the three dots  to the left of the template’s icon and selecting delete. Deleting a template will not affect any in progress or completed consultations that were made with that template. If you delete an expert Template  from your Library you can add it again at a later date by copying it over again. If you delete a custom form you will not be able to recover it, so please make sure you no longer need that template before you remove it.

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