Restricted Staff View On Consult

In order to make sure that all staff are using the same Consultation templates across a business, when logged into Timely only Business Owners have the right to create and edit templates. All other staff who login will see a special restricted view.

Staff using the restricted view can only use templates that have been shared with the business by the Business Owner. Templates can be shared by editing a template, tapping the cog and then selecting “Share with Business”

Staff on the restricted view may complete consultations, look up client details and sync completed consultation back to timely (where the business has access to these features) as well as access completed and in progress consultations saved to that device.

The restricted view is also great if you’re allowing clients to input their own details on a salon device. It removes any templates that aren’t relevant to your business and reduces the risk that a client will fill in the wrong template, or accidentally alter or delete important information.

If a business owner wishes to have another staff member create or edit a template to share with the business, they should login to a shared salon device. Staff logged into Consult with a business owners credentials will not be able to access or make any changes to Timely. Once the consultation template has been shared with the business, login to Consult as a non-business owner to reactivate the Restricted view.

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