Take Payments with iZettle

This guide shows you how to set up iZettle as your payment terminal on our iOS app, so you can save time and reduce manual errors as payment amounts are automatically sent to the payment terminal. 

iZettle is set up and configured from your payment panel. Please ensure your iZettle card reader is attached to your device via Bluetooth before you begin.


Take the payment with iZettle

In the 'Take Payment' screen, select iZettle .


The iZettle login screen will appear

Login with your existing login credentials, or click 'sign up' to create an account.


You will be prompted to connect a card reader

Select your paired card reader to configure it with timely.

A six digit code will display on your iZettle reader and in the Timely app. If the two codes match, click confirm to connect your reader to Timely.

4. You will then be able to progress accept payment. 

To disconnect the iZettle card reader or many any changes to your connection, you can click in the ⓘ in the top right corner of the iZettle payment screen.

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