Retail Product Sale Recommendations

In the Timely iOS app it's easy to see what products your clients have recently purchased to recommend repurchases, this guide shows you how to use our 'Product Sale Recommendation' feature. 

If a client has purchased a product on their last visit, during the payment process, we'll show you that product so you can easily add it to the sale without needing to search for it.

The product's cost and how long ago they bought the product is also shown to help you decide if you want to recommend the purchase to your client. 

In the image above it says "1 Week" which means they bought this product a week ago, so you might not want to recommend it to the client this time (depending on how long that particular product lasts with the client).  

If you do want to recommend the product to the client and they'd like to buy it, simply tap the product to add it to your sale.

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