Sharing appointments with customers

We understand how important it is that your clients know the details of their upcoming appointments. Our confirmations messages are designed to make sure your clients show up when they are meant to, but if clients get in touch to check dates or times, a fast way to share appointment details is a fantastic way to reduce no-shows.

In our iOS app we have two ways to easily share an appointment with a client, by SMS or by printing out the details.

Send an SMS 

1. Click on the appointment that you'd like to share and click the envelope symbol. The symbol will only be visible if the user has permission to send clients SMS messages.

2. If the user has an SMS number saved against their account, a message will be populated with their appointment details.

3. You will be able to amend the details of the message if you would like to add or remove any details. The character count will let you know how much space you have left in the message. If you client has a long name, or if the service has a lot of characters you may need to edit the message to be shorter.

4. Click send to send the SMS to your client.

Print the details

If you have a thermal printer connected to your iOS device, you can print off a printed slip with your clients appointment details listed.

1. Click the appointment that you'd like to share and click on the printer symbol.

2. You will be asked to confirm that you would like to print the appointment. Click Print.

3. The appointment details will print on your thermal receipt printer.

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