PIN security

We understand how important Client privacy is to you and your business. Consultations often deal with very personal and private information and it's vital that your clients trust their data wit you. That's why Consult has the option of turning on PIN security. When enabled this setting will use your device's own PIN as a secuity code inside the app. You'll need to have a passcode set on your device in order to turn this setting on.

Go to Consult's settings by tapping the cog icon in Library. Enable "PIN security" by tapping the button.

PIN security is configured by device, so if your business uses multiple devices you'll need to turn on this setting on each ipad or iphone. The setting is available to everyone, not just Timely customers, and will persist even if you log out of Consult.

When enabled, PIN security will require you to enter your PIN any time you interact with Client data. This includes:

  • When you start a consultation
  • When you cancel a consultation
  • When you share a consultation
  • When you view an in progress or completed consultation
  • When you delete a completed consultation

You will also need to enter your PIN to turn of PIN security.

If you have Touch ID configured your device, this may come up as the default way to unlock your device. If this occurs you'll need to delete the saved fingerprint from your device to default to PIN instead.

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