Managing Client Login

This guide will step you through managing client login. We'll cover how to:

  1. Cancellations and changes.
  2. Rebooking.
  3. Client SMS numbers.

You can enable Client Login by heading to Set up > Online Booking

Tick the box next to Client Login to turn on Client Login and then click 'Save'.

Please note that if your business is using TimelyPay, this setting will not be available, and an updated version of online bookings will be automatically enabled for you. Learn more about the Updated Online Booking.

Cancellations and changes

Client Login will use your existing cancellation and change policy that you have set for Online Booking. You can review your cancellation and changes settings in the Online Booking section of Timely setup. You are able to enable or disable changes and cancellations, as well as set a cutoff time preventing changes to appointments within a set timeframe.


Client Login allows your clients to quickly rebook previous appointments. Just like cancellations and changes, we'll follow your settings and only allow services to be rebooked if they are permitted to be booked online.

Client SMS Numbers

Because Client Login uses codes sent via SMS, it's really important that you save unique numbers against your clients. If you make an appointment for a client who doesn't have an SMS number saved against them you will be prompted to add one. This is optional but remember that if no SMS number is added this Client won't be able to log in to view their information.

For clients that have the same SMS number, you can use your Duplicate Client report to identify any existing SMS duplicates. If you have a legitimate reason to have multiple clients with the same SMS number, such as a parent making appointments for their child we recommend you use the Phone Number field for the child's account.

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