How to manage no-shows

Timely makes it easy to keep tabs on no-shows, and gives you options to follow up with customers who miss their appointments. 


Mark an appointment as 'Did not show'

If a customer misses their appointment, you can mark that appointment as ‘ Did not show’ right from the calendar.

  1. Click the appointment in the Calendar.
  2. Click the Did not show button: 
  3. You can also update this when editing the appointment, by updating the Booking status to Did not show and click Save:
  4. The appointment will be flagged with a thumbs down to show the customer did not show:


Set up automated notifications for no shows

You can enable an automated notification to be sent to the customer when their booking is marked as a no show.

You can choose to enable an SMS and/or email reminder, which lets the customer know that they missed their appointment and prompts them to rebook.

Check out our  How to set up notifications for no shows guide for more information.


View a customer's no-show history

It’s easy to keep an eye on how many times a customer has not shown up to an appointment, as well as get an overall picture of how many no-shows you get.

No-shows are counted against the customer record, so you can easily see when a customer has a now show history. A thumbs down icon will be shown, with a total count of their no shows.

From the Calendar sidebar: 

From the Customers record: 

You can also manually edit the no-show tally for a specific customer.

  1. Head to the Customers page and find the customer.
  2. Click the Edit button and go to the More info tab.
  3. Edit the value of the Number of no-shows box: 

  4. Click Save to apply.


No-show reports

To keep track on all of your no shows, you can run a report of all the no-show appointments for specific dates, locations or staff members. You can use this to see if you can make any improvements to your processes to reduce the number of customers who do not attend their appointments.

  1. Head to the  Reports tab.
  2. Select the ‘No-Show Appointments’ report from the options (Appointments).
  3. Select the date range, location and staff as required.
  4. Click View report to view the affected bookings:

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