Client Login FAQ

How do Clients login? 

Client's login using a one time code sent to their SMS number. We match the contact number to the client record to show your client their information

Where will clients be asked to log in?
We'll ask clients to log in anywhere you opt to show them personal data. You can choose to turn on client login as a part of the online booking flow which will then let the client check their appointment history and review their personal details. If you send a client a consultation to complete we'll also ask them to login to complete their form so that we can save the document back to their Timely profile.

Please note that if your business is using TimelyPay, an updated version of the online booking flow will be automatically enabled for you. Learn more about the Updated Online Booking.

What happens if two client have the same number? 

We'll show the client that has most recently made a booking. You can use the Duplicate Client Report to match up and combine any duplicate accounts.

What happens if the client doesn't have an SMS attached to their account and they try and log in? 

We won't be able to connect them to their record so a new, empty account will be created for them. You can merge this new account onto their existing account if you notice this has happened. 

Do I have to let clients change and cancel their appointments if Client Login is enabled in Online Booking? 

No, this is still completely in your hands. You can turn the change/cancel feature on and off in your Online Bookings settings.

Can clients see everything from their Timely profile in Client Login? 

No. At the moment they can see their appointments, any forms you have sent them to complete, their saved cards and their contact details (First Name, Last Name, email, phone, mobile phone and postal address) We will be adding in Reward balances soon with more additions to be made down the line. 

Can clients rebook appointments if the service isn't available in Online Booking? 

No, we'll honour all your service settings. If a service isn't available in Online Booking the client will need to ring you to rebook.

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