Getting started with Laybuy

Laybuy is a payment service that allows clients to buy now and pay later. You get paid straight away, risk free while your clients pays over 6 weeks. 

"Laybuy allows clients to pay off their hair over six weeks and Laybuy looks after all of the client’s payments externally- all we have to do is click a button!" - Kate Jarrett Managing Director of Loxy’s Hair Boutique

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Laybuy is available to customers in UK, Australia and New Zealand.



Why Laybuy?

  1. Get your  clients spending more: The average transaction for a Timely business is 74% higher when a client pays using a buy now, pay later solution.
  2. Attract new clients: Access a whole new clientele by offering budget-friendly payment options that don’t impact your cashflow.
  3. Grow your revenue: Timely businesses have seen total sales grow by up to 94% using buy now, pay later options.

How does it work?

  1. Your client books their appointment.
  2. At the point of sale, select Laybuy as the payment method. 
  3. Your client instantly receives an SMS. They click a link, set their payment schedule and authorise the payment.
  4. If approved, the full amount is deposited into your merchant account.
  5. Your client pays off their Laybuy purchase over 6 weeks.

Get Laybuy in your business

  1. Fill the form here and Laybuy will be in touch to cover off a few necessary details.
  2. Once your Laybuy merchant account application has been kicked off, our support team will be on hand to help get you up and running
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