What do customers see when they book online


Select a location

The first thing option your customers will see when they book online is to select a location:

If you only operate from one location or have only one location that is bookable online, then customers won't see this step:


Choose a service

If this setting is enabled, customers will be able to select multiple services from the list to book at once. To adjust this setting head to Setup > Online bookings >  Allow customers to book appointments with more than one service.

Once they're done, they click the Next button to proceed to the next step.


Choose a staff member

The customer will then be prompted to select a staff member from the available options. This will determine which available times are shown:

If the customer chooses No preference they will be shown the availability for all staff at the next step. An available staff member will then be randomly chosen and assigned to the appointment automatically.

Note that this step will be skipped if a service or services can be performed by only one available staff member.


Select a date and time

At this step, available dates and times will be displayed to the customer. We will automatically determine their timezone (if this setting is enabled) and display the dates and times accordingly:

Your customer can easily locate days which have availability, which is indicated by the green blocks. Each green block on a given day shows if there are free slots in the morning and/or the afternoon:

If a day is grey then there are no times available. We will automatically select the next available date. The selected date will be identified by the blue box (see above).

Once your customer selects a day, the free times available for that day will appear. They can then select a suitable time and then click the Next button to proceed.


Enter customer details

At this step, your customer adds their name, contact details and any comments related to the appointment. Optional fields are marked as such:

Your customer can then:

  • Check the Remember me checkbox so that their details are remembered next time they book an appointment on that same device.
  • Opt into your email marketing and newsletters with MailChimp list (if connected).
  • Agree to the Cancellation policy - this must be done to complete the booking.

They can then click the button to complete the booking.


Confirmation page

This is the confirmation page which means the appointment is now booked in your calendar. Your customer can decide to Add to Calendar, Return to the website or Make another booking using the appropriate buttons.

If your appointment requires a confirmation from you and your staff, this page will show the appointment as Pending:

Note: Depending on how your account is set up (e.g., number of locations, staff selection preferences, etc.) then the process above can look a little different. No matter though because the process is fundamentally the same for everyone.

Check out the guides in the 'Related articles' section for more information on online bookings.

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