Moving from an existing loyalty system

Timely’s Rewards can be set up to replace your existing loyalty system easily. 

This guide will step you through the process of moving from your existing loyalty system to Timely Rewards'. We'll cover:

  1. Concession cards.
  2. Other loyalty systems.
  3. Customer Rewards points import.


Concession cards

Buy six and get one free! Timely’s Rewards system can be set up to replace your existing cards easily. We’ll show you how to set up your existing system within Timely and then how to phase out the cards your clients have. 

Setting your formula

If you want to match your current concession cards with Timely's system we'll create a custom formula instead of using our formula. Feel free to try out the options in the formula guide, you might find a new formula you like! 

  1. In the Rewards setup screen, select Create your own Reward formula.

  2. Now, let's work out how many points your clients need to earn and what they'll be rewarded with. 

    Spend target = Number of visits multiplied by the average visit spend.
    For example, if your average spend is $60 and you currently reward your client after their 6th visit, then you'll want to set your spend to $360 (6 visits x $60 spend).

    For a 10 visit concession and a $40 average spend, you'd set your spend to $400 (10 visits x $40 spend).

    Value of Reward = Simply add the value of your current reward. If this is $20 to spend on product, add the value of your current Reward. 
    For example, if your client gets $20 to spend in store, then add $20. 

  3. Click Save to complete setting up your formula. Now each time your customer visits and spends, they will collect points to earn their Rewards.

Phasing out existing cards

You have a couple of options to phase out the existing concession cards.

You can convert their existing concession cards into points. Each time your client brings in an existing card, you can update their points in Timely and get rid of that card. You can do this by Editing their points balance. For example, if they’ve just had their third visit of five, you would add 150 points (3 x $50). 
Read this help doc for more info on adjusting Rewards points.

Another option is to let your clients know you have a new Reward system, set an expiry for the old concession cards and honour their reward on the old concession card until the expiry date. That way, you can completely phase out existing cards from the set date.


Other loyalty systems

Our team will be able to advise you on the best way to set Rewards up, and we can even help with imports for some systems. Send us some details about your current loyalty system and we'll help you out.
Get in touch with our team by sending us an email at


Customer Rewards points import

You can import customer Rewards balances using the Customer CSV import.

This will allow you to update your customer’s Rewards points balance in bulk. To do this, you will need to convert the balances into points that reflect your Timely Rewards formula. 
Read this help doc for more info on customer imports

Get in touch with our team by sending us an email at

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