How to enable multiple staff to be booked online for an appointment

Sometimes your clients want to book multiple services in one appointment, and one staff member might not have enough time available that day for all the services the client is after. With the Multi-staff appointments feature, your business can spread one booking with multiple services across staff when no one staff has enough available time for the whole appointment. 

Need more convincing? Businesses who use our multi-staff feature have seen bookings made online increase by 5% on average, with one business seeing online bookings increase by 30%!

This feature is only available on our Build, Elevate and Innovate plans; everything you need to take your business to the next level. To upgrade, follow the instructions of this guide here or upgrade now

To turn on Multi Staff Bookings, go to Setup > Online booings.

If 'Minimise gaps' is turned on, turn it off by choosing "Show all available times" 

Click "Allow customers to book appointments with more than one service", then click "Allow customers to book appointments with more than one staff member".

Choose the amount of time maximum you are happy for a client to wait in between services/ staff being available for the next service.

Click Save.

Your clients will now be able to book multiple services with multiple staff members. Importantly this now allows clients to make bookings where no one staff member could perform all the services by themselves. 

If a client chooses a service group and then chooses a staff member who doesn't offer all the services in the service group, the preferred staff member will get the bulk of the services and a staff member who does offer the service will be allocated by Timely, depending on availability. 

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