Using pin switching on iPad or iPhone

If you have multiple staff accessing Timely in your business, being able to switch between users efficiently is key. Timely's pin switching feature on iPad/iPhone enables you and your staff to quickly switch between users, without the need for emails and passwords. The additional lockout feature also helps protect your client information when your front desk is unattended. 

You'll need to enable pin switching on the web version of Timely before you can use pin switching on your iOS device. 

Using pin switching on your iOS device

Pin switching on your iPad or iPhone works the same way as on the web version of Timely in that you need to login with an email and password first. Once someone is logged in, you are able to use pins to switch users.

Locking Timely

Timely will automatically lock out your iOS device after the timeout duration you have set up when enabling pin switching. You can also manually lock Timely by going to the Settings tab and clicking the lock icon:

Logging in with a pin

When Timely is locked, you will see the locked screen shown below. Enter your pin to login:

A few things to note about logging in:

  • After 5 unsuccessful login attempts you will be prevented from logging in with a pin, and a email/password login will be required
  • If you've forgotten your pin, tap Forgotten PIN? and you will be emailed your pin
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