Creating booking posts on Facebook (Only available on 'Classic Facebook')

With the Timely to Facebook Business integration, you are able to create booking posts on your Facebook business page. These are great for getting your booking link in front of your customers. Booking posts can also be boosted or converted to ads.

To create a booking post on Facebook you must have your Timely account linked to a Facebook Business account. Read more about linking up your Timely account to your social media.

1. Create a post on your business page as you normally would from the Facebook web page. You'll see a  Publishing Tools option:

2. Click on the Settings wheel, then select Classic post creation tool 

Click on Create Post:

3. Here you will see  Get Bookings with the Timely logo:

4. Click on  Get Bookings and your post will be converted as below. Add an image for greater effect: 

5. Click  Publish. Your post will look something like this:

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