How to raise a sale for classes

Classes are no longer available in Timely.

If your account was created after the 1st of September, 2018; or you haven’t used classes in your account before then, you will no longer be able to access or use this feature. If you have already have classes in your account, you will be able to continue using them.

Raising invoices for classes is a little different to regular appointments. With classes you've got the option to invoice for all the classes in the series, or just for one class at a time.

Raising an invoice for a single class

If the customer is only attending one class, or you only want to invoice them for one class at a time, this is what you need to do:

  1. Open the class and select the customer's name.
  2. Click Raise sale underneath their details: 

  3. Choose the This class only option: 

  4. This will open the invoice window. Check all the details are correct and click Save

  5. Apply the payment as you would normally and click Close
  6. The customer will now have a filled invoice icon next to their name indicating the invoice is paid. 
  7. You can view the invoice by clicking the customer name and clicking View invoice: 

If you have Vend connected, then it isn't possible to raise an invoice for a class using this method. Instead, you will need to raise a product sale, select the customer in Vend and sell them the class there.

Raising an invoice for all classes in a recurring series

If you want to invoice the customer for all the appointments in a recurring class, you will need to make sure the customer has been added to all of the required classes. Then you can raise an invoice:

  1. Click Raise sale as you would above.
  2. Select All classes from the options: 

  3. This will add all the recurrences to the invoice: 

  4. Click Save and apply the payment as normal.
  5. The paid invoice icon will then display next to the customer for all classes in that series. 
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