Using our industry consultation templates

We have worked with industry professionals to create a bunch of consultation forms that Timely customers can send to their clients! You can go through these consultations with your client face-to-face or send them to your client to fill in at home.

This guide is going to show you what the different industry templates look like, so you can choose the one that works best for you and your business.

To view the whole consultation, click the name of the consultation below.

Facial Consultation - Help your clients put their best face forward. Collect client details, diagnose your client's skincare concerns, and identify their goals for your session.

Aesthetics Medical History and Consultation - Start your treatment plan with the full picture. This form allows specialists to get a complete understanding of their patient's history so that they can feel confident in the patient's treatment plan. 

Massage Consultation  - Take the stress out of massages. This consultation will guide you in finding the best options for your client and serve as a record of information shared.

Consent Form for Beauty Records - Start your client's journey on the right page. This consent form lets your clients know how their data will be used and stored.

Client Intake Form - Create and update your client records. Get new clients to fill out their details and existing clients to update any information to ensure your records are always correct.

Cosmetic Injectables Treatment Record - Detailed record for injectable procedures. This consultation helps you keep precise notes with fields for specifics of a treatment, as well as a face chart to record injection sites.

Quick and Simple Patch Test Form - Keep a record of Pach Tests performed. This form helps you to keep accurate records of your client's patch test. Complete this form each time a patch test is performed to build a detailed record of your client's history.

Waxing Consultation - A quick and simple waxing consultation. This consultation will help warn you of any major health concerns, check for previous adverse reactions or infections, and check for sun exposure that could negatively impact the treatment. 

Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial - Help her prepare for her big day. This form will guide you through your initial conversation and make sure you and your client get the most from your session.

Detailed Hair Colour Patch Test Guide - A step by step guide to help you discover if a Patch Test is required. You can use this form every time an existing or new client comes in for a colour service to see if they require a patch test.

Comprehensive online hair consultation - A comprehensive form to help your client share what haircut they'd love. This form also gives your client the ability to share hair inspiration photos!

COVID-19 Health agreement - Get information on whether your client has had any Covid-19 health concerns and get them to agree to safe practices when coming for their appointment. 

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