Updating details for contact tracing during COVID-19

Use Client Login to keep your client data up to date so that to help keep you, your clients and your community safe. 

We all know how important it is to have accurate Client Data. Not only is it needed for communication, but it helps you make better informed decisions about your business, and saves your bottom line by ensuring you're not spending money communicating with faulty data.

However, we also understand that it's really difficult to ensure that your data is accurate. You may only see your clients once every few months and there's a chance that their circumstances may change without you knowing. The good news is that with Timely you can send your clients a link to your Client Login's "Edit my details" form and invite them to check that their information is accurate and up to

You need to turn on Online Bookings in order to use Client Login. You can read more about Online Bookings here.

If you would like to learn more about turning on Client Login you can read about that here.

    This article will show you how to get your unique 'Edit My Details" link and how you can share this with your clients. 

  1. Finding your "Edit my details" link.
  2. Sharing your link with your clients.
  3. Shortening your link

Get your client login links

  1. In your Timely account go to Setup > Online booking, once you're on the online booking page, copy the client login booking link and send it to your clients.

  2. Test your link by pasting it into your web browser. You should be directed to login to Client Login, and then taken directly to a page that looks like this.


Sharing your link with your clients

Once you have your unique link there are many ways that you can share it to let your clients view and update their information.
Any of your clients who have their SMS on file will be able to login to your system.
  1. Send an SMS campaign
    SMS campaigns are a wonderful way to ask clients to check their details. Because you're only targeting your clients with SMS numbers saved to Timely you know that everyone who receives your message will be able to login. You can read about sending SMS campaigns here.

    Here's a sample messages you could send:

    Have you recently moved or changed your personal information? Let your friends at <ADD YOUR BUSINESSES NAME> know by logging in and updating your details so we can continue to keep in touch http://bookings.gettimely.com/YOURBUSINESSNAME/details/update
  2. Share your link on Social Media - A social media blitz is a great way to re-engage your clients while getting their help in cleaning up your data. You could even incentivise them with competitions or discounts.

    Here's an example for you to try:

    We're reopening our doors soon and we're giving you a gift to celebrate! We're sending all our clients an exclusive reopening discount code; make sure you get yours by checking that we have your contact details up to date. Log in and update your details to guarantee your discount, it only takes 30 seconds, no password required! http://bookings.gettimely.com/YOURBUSINESSNAME/details/update
  3. Add your link to confirmation messages - A great way to bake this process into the day to day operations of your business is to add the link to your confirmation messages. You can add custom text to any of the Timely emails, so why not add a section in your reminder emails that reads something like this - 

    Do we have your details right? You can update your personal information at any time by logging into our system. Its fast and simple, no password required! Click here to update your details now http://bookings.gettimely.com/YOURBUSINESSNAME/details/update

    Or in your SMS reminders - 

    Hey CLIENT_NAME, it's BUSINESS_NAME here we're looking forward to seeing you APPOINTMENT TIME. Before you arrive, we need you to ensure your details up to date, you can check those here http://bookings.gettimely.com/YOURBUSINESSNAME/details/update.

Shortening your link

You may find that your link is too long to comfortably send in an SMS or to add to the end of another message. The good news is that there are a lot of services out there that will shorten down URLs for you so that you don't have to use the full long link. One site that is trusted by a lot of large brands is Bit.ly. They offer free accounts and will shorten URLs down to just a few letters. You can check out Bit.ly here.
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