Quick links: COVID-19 - The must-use features to triumph in 2020

Let’s face it, when you go back to work after the shutdown, it’s not going to be business as usual. Most businesses will be working very hard for the rest of the year to help make up for the income that they’ve lost. This guide has all the features our experts suggest you use to help you come back with a bang and make up for lost time!

In this guide, we've got all the quick links you need to set up:

  1. Online deposits.
  2. Online Gift Vouchers.
  3. Adding padding (cleaning time) between appointments.
  4. Minimise Gaps.
  5. Facebook and Instagram 'Book now' button set up.
  6. SMS reminders.
  7. SMS campaigns.
  8. Consult.
  9. Rewards.
  10. Client login.
  11. Afterpay.
  12. Laybuy.

Click on any of the links above to read a short explanation as to what the feature does, then click on the feature's name to be taken to the help guide


Online deposits

You’re just reopening, it’s important that your clients are committed to showing up! If you’re taking online bookings, we recommend that you take between a 25%-50% deposit for your services. You can choose a deposit amount for all services or decide on a deposit amount for each individual service.


Online Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are a great way that you’re clients can introduce their friends and family to your business, helping you grow your client base. For many businesses, they are also a great income source! 


Adding padding/ cleaning time in between appointments

Adding time to clean in between services is a no brainer and doing it in front of your client is a great way to put them at ease too, showing that you care about them and take their health and safety seriously. To do this, simply add 5 minutes on to any appointment or add in padding time to an appointment, 


Minimise Gaps

Now that you’re back, you need to be as productive as possible with your time. Letting your clients book appointments wherever they want could mess with your earning potential. Turn on our minimise gaps features to only show appointments that work well for your business. 


Facebook and Instagram 'Book now' button set up

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to book with you by adding online booking to your social media accounts. Online booking also allows you to focus on the client you’re with rather than constantly having to stop to take calls.


SMS reminders

As the world reopens, your clients will have a lot on their ‘to do’ list. Make sure they remember that they’ve got an appointment with you by enabling Timely to send automated reminders to them. You can also add to your client experience by sending automated thank you, aftercare, review and follow up messages. 


SMS campaigns

Send an SMS campaign to all of your clients or a select group, letting them know that you’re open and ready to take bookings. If you have an offer to entice your clients to come back, e.g. a complementary treatment for the first 50 bookings, make sure you put it in this SMS!



Save time and maximise your active treatment time by sending your consultations to your clients prior to their appointments, with Consult. Optimising the day with pre-filled consultations allows many businesses to fit another appointment or two into their day. 



There has never been a better time to reward your clients for their loyalty, than now! Quickly set up your rewards program in Timely and it will work in the background, alerting you when it’s time to present your client with a gift!


Client log in

Client log in does what it says on the tin. It lets your clients login and view their previous appointments that they had with you, they’re then able to rebook these appointments, giving you confidence as they’ve booked exactly what they should.



Receive payment upfront while clients pay later. Afterpay client transactions have been on average 79% bigger than other transaction types, and have contributed to up to 94% sales increases over the last year. Clients pay fortnightly over 8 weeks. 



With Laybuy you get paid straight away, risk-free, while your client pays weekly over 6 weeks. Easy. Laybuy has been proven to increase your sales, grow your customer acquisition and increase your client retention.

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