Storing Cards on TimelyPay

TimelyPay now allows your clients to securely and easily save their card details when making an online payment!

In this guide, we will cover:

  1. How storing cards work on TimelyPay
  2. Why you should use stored cards
  3. Managing stored cards
  4. Restrictions on using stored cards
  5. Using stored cards for Cardless Checkout


How storing cards work for businesses

  1. Set up TimelyPay from the Add ons page and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Set up online bookings from the Online Bookings page and online payments from the Online Payments page. 
  3. Once your clients save their cards, you can view their saved cards under the Customer page.

How storing cards work for clients

      Clients can either save a card via the My Cards section of the Client Login or when they make a payment online. To save a card when booking online once they have selected their service, date and time they will need to:
  1. Log in to Client Login with a mobile number.

  2. They will have the option to stay signed in for 90 days when entering a confirmation code

  3. They will then confirm their details, agree to any cancellation policies and then make the online deposit payment. 
  4. When making the payment they will have to enter their details and select the box to agree to "Save my card for future payments"  

    Note: If you have card capture turned on this will not be optional

  5. They can manage their saved cards from the My Cards page of the client login



Why you should use stored cards

  1. Payments that clients love: Your clients can checkout online faster and securely with saved cards. Offer clients a better in store experience with cardless checkout.
  2. Keep card details secure: Because TimelyPay is using Stripe, we are PCI compliant and support 3D Secure checkouts. No need to store card details on your notes anymore.
  3. Protect your revenue (from no shows and cancellations): TimelyPay protects you from no shows with powerful tools that you control. Card capture reduces no shows by more than 60%.


How can clients manage their stored cards

Your clients' stored cards will be shown under the My Cards page of Client Login. On this page, they can remove a card, set a new card as a default or add a new one:


How can businesses manage the stored cards of clients

Your clients' stored cards will also be shown under the Customers page of your Timely web app. On this page, you can:
  1. See how many cards are saved against that client:

  2. Remove a card on their behalf:


Can I update and add card details on behalf of my clients?

For security reasons, we will only allow you to delete stored cards and not update or add them. You'll need to direct clients to the Client Login where they can add their cards. Your clients will be able to add their cards on the My Cards page of Client Login too, so they can save their cards without making an online booking or payment.


Can my clients update their card details on Client Login?

At the moment, your clients will be unable to update their card details from Client Login. In the meantime, they can delete an existing card and add a new one instead.


Can I enforce capturing a card from my clients?

Yes, you can encourage more clients to save their card with you by enabling card capture. Card capture will require clients to save their card into Timely when they book or pay with you online. Card capture has been proven to increase the number of bookings you'll receive online, plus it helps protect your business by protecting against no shows, and offers an incredible client experience that will make every client feel like a VIP.

Here you will see when the card capture is mandatoryoptional or not available. If it is not available when clients are making payments online they can still add their card via the "My Cards" section of the Client Login

To learn more about enabling card capture, check this help article.


Can I take payments from a stored card?

Yes, TimelyPay allows you take payments against your clients’ saved cards at checkout. Any client who has saved a card will automatically have it added as a payment type at checkout, no need for you to update anything! 

To learn more about Cardless Checkout, check this help article.

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