How to add classes to your calendar

Classes are designed for bookings in which multiple customers can attend, such as workshops, exercise classes, special events, and so on.

Classes work a little differently from appointments, as these need to be scheduled at a particular time in the calendar before they can be booked by customers.

In this guide, we will cover how to:

  1. Create a new class
  2. Schedule a class in the calendar
  3. Schedule a recurring class in the calendar


Create a new class

To get started with creating classes in Timely:

  1. Head to Setup > Classes in the main menu: 

  2. Click the green Add class button: 

  3. Enter a Class name, a Capacity (how many customers can book into this class) and a Description

  4. Determine if Customer can book this class online by checking the box (see above).
  5. Enter a Price, select any Tax and add a Duration (see above).
  6. You can then choose the colour for class, which will determine how it is shown in the calendar: 

  7. Select which Staff are able to take the class, what Resources are required.
  8. If desired, set a unique payment policy for this class.
  9. Click Save to create the class.


Add a class to the calendar

Unlike services, classes cannot be booked until they have been scheduled into the calendar.

  1. From the Calendar view, click the space you want to schedule the class into and select Class from the options: 

  2. Select the Class from the drop-down menu: 

  3. If you haven't already, you can select the staff member who will perform the class.
  4. The  DurationCapacity and Price will auto-populate from when you set the class up, but you can change these for each individual class: 

  5. Click Save to add the class to the calendar: 


Add a recurring class to the calendar

If the class happens regularly, you can set this up to be a recurring class as well.

  1. When you are adding, or editing a class, go to the Recurrence tab: 

  2. Select whether you want the class to repeat Daily, Weekly or Monthly

  3. Set how frequently you'd like that to repeat e.g. Every 2 weeks, Every 3 weeks etc.
  4. Add a specific End date, set a class to end after x occurrence, or make it occur indefinitely by setting this to Never

  5. Choose which days you'd like this to repeat on.

  6. When you're ready, click Save to complete.

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