Deposits FAQ

Can I change the services on an appointment with a deposit?

Yes all the details of the appointment are able to be changed without affecting the deposit status of the appointment. This includes changing the services, staff members, and rescheduling.

What happens to a deposit if the sale that includes it has been deleted?

When a deposit has been redeemed as part of a sale, if that sale is deleted, the deposit will return to its original state and be available to be used again when you raise a new sale for the appointment.

Can I refund a deposit?

Yes, the refund can be done from either the customer credit screen or from the issuing invoice for the deposit/credit. 

The same restriction preventing refunding invoices where a customer credit has been redeemed on that invoice still also applies to invoices with deposit redemptions. 

Can you use the request payment functionality for a deposit?

Yes, create a deposit from the calendar but don’t add any payments to the deposit invoice. You can then request payment for the deposit invoice, when the client completes payment the deposit will show up on the appointment. 

Can you roll over a deposit to another appointment?

The best way to handle this currently is to convert the deposit to credit, as that represents money held on file by the business for that client.

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