Creating a deposit from the calendar

Deposits aren't only for Online Bookings. You can also ask clients to pay a deposit for appointments that you book in from your Timely Calendar. To add a deposit to an appointment:

  1. Open an appointment you would like to add a deposit to
  2. Click on the 'Add deposit' link 
  3. Check the deposit amount and description are correct, then click 'Save and pay'
  4. Double-check the details are correct for the deposit credit sale and click 'Save' 
  5. Add the correct payments to the deposit sale and click 'Save'
  6. Your appointment will now have a deposit attached 
  7. If your client is not in your business at that moment (for example if they have requested the appointment over the phone) you can send them a link to pay the deposit online. Please note, until the sale to pay the deposit is paid, the deposit will not be able to be used when checking out the appointment it is attached to. 
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