Building a form using Timely Consult

Don't have an iPhone or iPad to make your own form to send to clients? You're now able to build your own forms in Timely on the web!

This guide will cover:

  1. The form library.
  2. Building a form from scratch.
  3. Building a form from an industry template.
  4. Editing or deleting a template
Important information:

  • Timely Consult is available on Elevate and Innovate packages only. This guide runs through how to upgrade your package to Elevate or Innovate: How to change your Timely plan


The Consult Library

  1. All your consultation templates live in the Consult form library. To get to the form library, head to the Setup menu, and click Library under Consult.
  2. Any forms that you have built or edited will be listed under the 'Custom' tab. All of our templates that you can use to get you started as listed under the 'Industry' tab.


Building a template from scratch

Use our beautiful form builder to craft the perfect template for your business!

  1. To create a template, click the New template button within the Timely Consult library.
  2. Selecting New template opens the form builder, as seen below.
  3. Select a name for the template by clicking 'Form name' and typing in the name. We'll automatically save your progress any time you click on something.

  4. You can drag and drop from the list of form elements to create the template that works best for you and your business. 

    The form elements have been split between two tabs: 
    1. The first tab is ‘Standard’ and includes form elements that can be used to build your form such as date fields, free text questions and multiple choice
    2. The second tab in the elements section is ‘Client details’. This tab includes a list of personal information that a business may wish to gather from a client. When the client answers to these questions, they will be update the corresponding field in the client's Timely profile.

  5. For each of the elements is a pen icon that brings up different settings depending on the form element. For example, you can include a photo if using the photo form element. 
    You're also able to make the form element required. If this is on, the client will need to fill in that field to save and complete their form.
  6. You can drag and drop the elements into the order you want them to appear to your client. To do this, click onto the form element and drag it to the position you'd like.
  7. If you want to remove a form element, from your template. Click on the unwanted element, and drag it down to the bin at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Once you've finished your template, click Save. Clicking Save will include that template into the Custom form library tab and will now be ready to send from within Timely or to use on an iPhone or iPad.


Building a form from an industry template

You can also begin a form from one of our Industry templates

  1. Click on the 'Industry' tab and hover over the template you would like to use to reveal the menu. 
  2. Click the three dots and then click 'Create template based on this'. The form will then open in the form builder

  3. Drag and drop new questions, change the order, or delete questions to customise the form how you would like. When you are happy with your form, click save.

  4. Your form template will now be listed under your 'custom' tab and be available to send to clients.

  5. You can build multiple forms from the same industry template. Just go back into the the 'industry' tab and create a new template from the industry tempalte you'd like to use.


Editing or deleting a template

  1. It's really easy to manage your Timely Consult templates. To edit or delete a template in your form library, hover over the template that you want to delete, revealing the menu. 
  2. Click the kebab menu and select Edit or Delete.
  3. If you click Edit your template  will be opened in the form builder.
  4. Please note, you can only delete templates that you have made. Industry templates can't be deleted.
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