What the client sees when you send them a form

By having your clients fill in a form from home, you're able to save valuable time and start an excellent service before your customer has even walked through the door. 

This guide is going to show you what it looks like for a client to fill in the form that you've sent to them through Timely.

Once you've sent your client a consultation, they'll receive a text message with a link to the consultation for them to fill in.

If the client hasn't logged into Timely with their device before, they'll need to verify it's them by logging in. For the client to be verified, they will instantly be sent a 6 digit code that they can enter. Entering the code will log them in to see their consultation.

Once in, the client will be able to see the form they need to complete. To fill in the form, click Start.

Important information: If your client isn't able to see their consultation, it's possible that the client is a duplicate in your account. If you have multiple clients with the same SMS number we'll use the details that have the most recent booking made. Confirming whether you have duplicate clients before sending consultations is a great idea. For steps on doing this, check out this guide here: Duplicate accounts.

What your client sees next will depend on the consultation that you've sent them. Your client will be able to go through and fill in that form. If they need to come back to their form at a later time, they can save a draft by heading to the bottom of the form and clicking Save draft.

When a client clicks Save draft, you won't be able to see what the client has filled in. You can only see what the client has filled in once they click Send.

To open a draft consultations, head to the Drafts tab and click Continue.

Once the consultation has finished, click Send. 

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