HITT Class 17: Using Timely Consult forms in person

If you’re lucky enough to be in a part of the world with low Covid cases, you might be able to start hosting consultations in person again! In this blog, we’ll go through a few different ways you can use Timely Consult with your clients in your business, like storing treatment plans and notes, as well as to help with your client experience.

Consult can only be downloaded on iOS devices and is not currently available on Android Go to the App Store and look up 'Consult', or click here to download. 

However, if you don't have an iOS device (iPad or iPhone) you can still send Timely's standard consultations prior to your client's appointments from your Timely account on the Elevate or Innovate plans. Find out more here.

Additional information: Check out our blog for more information on our 'Consult' feature or watch the LIVE class on our Facebook page.

For more detailed information about the feature talked about in the video, read these help guides.

  1. Downloading, setting up and using Consult
  2. How to manually send a consultation to a client
  3. Add a consultation to your reminder SMS
  4. Free face and body images to use in your consultations for clients to draw on
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