How to hand over your Timely account

If you've decided it's time for you to move on to to greener pastures and pass your business on to someone new, it's important that you hand your Timely account over to them properly. We've put together this guide to make the process as easy as possible and to ensure you don't forget anything important.

We're pretty security conscious here, so if you make sure you tidy these things up before relinquishing your access to the Timely account, you'll be saving the new business owner a lot of time and possible headaches. We also recommend that the new owner contact our Success team at: so that they can be shown how to use Timely properly before they take over.

Note that it's the responsibility of the original account owner to make sure that their Timely account is transferred over to the new owner. This includes all relevant information and access included as part of the business sale. While we're here to point you in the right direction, Timely is not responsible for account transfers.


Update business details

If the name or any other business details are changing, update these under  Setup > Business details:

If the same details will be used for billing, check the Update my Timely billing details with these settings box before you hit Save.


Update billing details

To update the billing details head to Account > Billing > Billing details:

There are a couple of things you will need to update here:

  1. Click the Update credit card details button to update the credit card information used for the Timely subscription and SMS credit purchases: 
  2. Update the billing name and email address for the account by using the Update billing details button (if you didn't do this at the step above). 
  3. If you're an Australian business, you may also need to update your GST registration details. Click Change next to the GST settings to update the number:


Remove any staff members as needed

If you've got yourself set up as a staff member, make sure you re-assign all the appointments and delete the staff member from Timely. 

Head to Setup > Staff to get started.

Our  How to remove or archive staff guide steps you through that process.


Change notification settings

You may have notifications set up which will need to be changed. 

Head to Setup > Staff notifications and change the email address notifications for online bookings are sent to. click Save to update.


Disconnect any add-ons

For add-ons such as Xero, Vend, Google calendar, MailChimp, etc. that are not being handed over with the Timely account, make sure to disconnect them. 
  1. Simply head to Setup > Add-ons.
  2. Click Configure for the relevant add-on.
  3. Click the Edit settings button.
  4. Finally, click the Disconnect button to disable the add-on.

Note that some add-ons may need to be disconnected a little differently but keep an eye out for a red Disconnect button.


Update account holder email address

When you update the account holder email then you will automatically be logged out of the account so make sure this is the final step.

The same password will carry over, so we recommend updating the password to something generic and passing this on to the new owner. You can change your password under   Account > Login details > Change password

The most important and final step is to change the account holder email address: 

  1. Head to Account > Login details.
  2. Click the 'Change email address' button.
  3. Input the new account holder email.
  4. You can also update the billing and notification email addresses if you want to (if you haven't already, as above) by checking the relevant boxes.
  5. Click Save to udpate.
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