Updated Online Booking with TimelyPay

We have made some changes to the online booking flow for businesses using TimelyPay to prompt more of your clients to login. This means faster booking for your clients, saved details and saved cards. For you it means less duplicate clients and access to more TimelyPay features through the ability for clients to save cards. 

In this guide, we will cover:

  1. How the new online booking flow works
  2. What are the benefits of using it
  3. What this means for your online bookings


What's changed with online booking?

    With the optimised Client Login flow, we will bring the login process into the middle of the online booking flow, so it feels like a natural SMS authentication step when making a booking.


What will clients see when making a booking

  1. Clients will still be asked to select their preferred location, service, date, time and staff as per usual when making an online booking.
  2. After they’ve selected their appointment details, they will be asked to verify their mobile number, so we can send them a secure code via SMS. They can also still opt to stay signed in for 90 days if they want to reduce the number of times they need to log in:
  3. Once logged in, depending on whether their mobile number is already in your system or not, they will be asked to fill out or confirm their personal details. 
  4. Then, they can proceed normally when making a payment.

What are the benefits of the new online booking flow

  1. Less duplicate client records: With more clients logging in, there’s a smaller chance of clients accidentally creating multiple profiles on your system. No need to spend lots of time checking and merging duplicate accounts!
  2. Faster booking: Clients can experience faster checkouts by verifying their mobile number, entering a four-digit code and saving their card. The next time they book, all they’ll need to do is pick their service, time and staff preferences and confirm their details. 
  3. Saving cards: When clients login they can save their card. This allows them to pay faster next time they book and will unlock more TimelyPay features like cardless checkout in store and no-show protection.
  4. More bookings: We've seen that the new flow results in more clients completing their booking than the previous version where clients need to enter their details each time. 

Do clients have to log in to make a booking

No, the new flow encourages clients to log in, but they can still opt to continue making a booking without logging in by clicking on `Continue without a mobile number`. This essentially allows them to make a booking as a guest.

How do I set it up for my online bookings

Businesses who already have TimelyPay setup will automatically have this feature
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