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  1. Getting started with Timely 

    1. Create and set up your Timely account
    2. The Calendar
    3. Guide to the mini website
    4. Guide to Timely reports
    5. Guide to the symbols used on Timely
  2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

    1. System status
    2. I've forgotten my password. Help?!
    3. How does Timely prevent duplicate appointments?
    4. Does Timely have a mobile app?
    5. How to create shortcuts in Timely
  3. Managing appointments 

    1. Add a new appointment
    2. How to block out time with Busy Time
    3. Rescheduling and editing existing appointments
    4. Set padding time between appointments
    5. Create recurring appointments
  4. Managing locations 

    1. How to add locations
    2. Set up mobile or roaming locations
    3. How do I select a second location on the calendar?
  5. Managing staff 

    1. How to add new staff
    2. How to add administrators
    3. Set access permissions for staff
    4. How to reorder staff
    5. How to roster your staff
  6. Your customers 

    1. How to add customers
    2. How to add notes to customers
    3. How to identify new customers
    4. How can I identify VIP customers?
    5. How to set up recurring classes
  7. Services and products 

    1. How to add services
    2. How to categorise and order your services
    3. How to add products to Timely
    4. How to sell products on Timely
    5. Set stock levels and alerts
  8. Online booking 

    1. How to enable online bookings
    2. How to get customers to book online
  9. Notifications and reminders 

    1. Getting started with reminders and notifications
    2. Customer reminders and notifications
    3. How to set individual notification and reminder settings for customers
    4. Staff notifications
    5. Reminders and Notifications - FAQs
  10. Payments and invoicing 

    1. How to raise an invoice
    2. How do I view invoices
    3. How to apply payments to invoices
    4. How to apply discounts
    5. How to add multiple appointments to a single invoice
  11. Packages 

    1. How to create a package
    2. How to sell packages to customers
    3. How customers redeem packages
    4. Tracking package use and reporting
  12. Hardware setup 

    1. Getting started with thermal receipt printing
    2. Star TSP143 setup for Microsoft Windows
    3. Star TSP143 setup for Mac
    4. Star TSP143 cash drawer configuration
  13. Adding Timely to your website 

    1. Add book now buttons to your website
    2. Add the Timely booking widget to your website
    3. Add Timely to your Wordpress site
    4. Adding book now buttons and widgets to Weebly websites
    5. Adding the book now button to a Vistaprint site
  14. Add-ons and integrations 

    1. Syncing your Timely appointments with other calendars
    2. Integrating Timely with Xero
    3. Integrating Timely with Vend
    4. Integrating Timely with MailChimp
    5. Integrating Timely with MYOB
  15. Managing your Timely account 

    1. Guide to managing your Timely account
    2. How can I update my credit card details?
    3. Share the love! Refer your friends and get free credit!
  16. Switching from another system 

    1. Import your customers using a CSV file
    2. Import your customers from ClickBook
    3. Import your customers from EzyBook
    4. Import your customers from BookFresh
    5. Exporting customers to an Excel file
  17. All articles 

    1. Syncing your Timely appointments with other calendars
    2. Create and set up your Timely account
    3. Getting started with reminders and notifications
    4. System status
    5. Import your customers using a CSV file
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