How to use thermal receipt printing in Timely

Timely prints invoices to PDF format by default. However, you can configure Timely to print receipts using the Star TSP100, TSP113 or TSP143 printer (either LAN or USB model) by following the steps below.

At this stage receipt printing is only available by running the Google Chrome web browser on either a PC (Microsoft Windows) or a Mac. 

Receipt printing is not currently supported for iPads. However, we will add receipt printing to our new Timely iOS app. Keep an eye on developments here.


Setup device options for your printer

Follow the steps below to configure your Star TSP100, TSP113 or TSP143 printer for either Microsoft Windows or Mac:


Enable thermal receipt printing on Timely

  1. Go to Setup > Invoices and taxes.
  2. Go to the Invoice printing settings section.
  3. Choose Thermal receipt from the dropdown: 

  4. Click Save to apply your changes.

When you printing from the Calendar, or when viewing the invoice, your invoice will be displayed and printed in receipt format:

Note: When you print an invoice from the Sales tab this will print the invoice in the full PDF format, regardless of your settings.


Configure Google Chrome for printing

  1. Open a sale in Timely and click the Print button.
  2. From the print preview screen uncheck the Headers and Footers boxes under Options. If this option is not unchecked, the printer may continuously spool out paper.
  3. Under Paper size choose a paper size appropriate for the receipt printer:

    For Star TSP100 / TSP113 / TSP143 on Microsoft Windows choose " 72mm x Receipt".
    For Star TSP100 / TSP113 / TSP143 on Mac choose " 72mm x 2000mm".
  4. Uncheck the Background graphics option.
  5. Click Print.
  6. Your receipt should print.

Looking for hardware? Check out our Hardware page for some links to thermal receipt printer, cash drawer and barcode scanner bundles:

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