How to add bookable staff

To make sure that customers can make bookings with your business, you will need to set up some bookable staff that can perform your services and classes.

You can assign staff their own hours, as well as individual services.

Each staff member can be given their own unique login via their email address, so they can manage their own calendar and bookings.

  1. Add a new staff member to your account.
  2. Set up the staff member's availability.
  3. Add some additional information to their profile.
  4. Give a staff member access to their calendar.

Important information

The price of your plan is based directly on the number of active staff you have under Setup > Staff. When adding a new staff member to the account, you will be notified of the additional monthly fee.

If you add a staff member part-way through your billing cycle, you will be immediately charged a " pro-rated" fee for that staff member. This covers their calendar for the remainder of that billing period. The staff member will then be included in your regular monthly bill.


Add a new staff member

  1. Head to Setup > Staff in your Timely account.
  2. Click the green Add staff button: 

  3. You will be prompted to confirm the additional charge by clicking the Continue button: 
  4. Enter the staff member's name and any other personal details that might be useful (note that first and last names are mandatory and an email address will be required for notifications and/or giving staff access to the account:
  5. You can click Save here, or continue on to add more information.


Set the staff member's availability

  1. Scroll down to the Normal working hours section: 

  2. Select how often you'd like staff to be booked using the Can be booked every setting.

  3. Add working hours for that staff member at each location. Check out our  How to set staff hours at a location guide for more information. 

  4. Scroll down to the  Booking options section: 

  5. Determine whether or not Customers can schedule this staff member online and if the Staff member should be shown on the mini website.

  6. Decide if the staff member will be sent a copy of their day sheet: Find out more.

  7. In the Services section, determine which services and classes that staff member can perform: 


Add additional information

Extra information can be added to your staff to flesh out their profiles. This information is optional but is still important as it appears on the About us page of the mini-website.

  1. Scroll down to the Personal info section: 

  2. Add an Alias or nickname which can be used on the calendar.
  3. If they have a Provider or registration number, you can enter the Registration type and Registration number in the fields provided.

    This will show up under the tax registration on the invoice: 

  4. To add another Reference number/type click the green [+]:
  5. Add a Job title (e.g. Beauty Therapist, Massage Therapist, Senior Stylist etc).
  6. Add a compelling Bio to describe each staff member, this can be viewed when customers are booking online.
  7. Then add a staff specific Message to include at the bottom of confirmation and reminder emails. This is added as a block of text at the end of the email.
  8. Finally, add a photo by clicking the Upload new photo button (choose an image from a location on your computer and click Save once loaded)


Give a staff member access to their calendar

Note: Staff access can only be granted by the account holder.

  1. Head to Account in the main menu and choose Staff access from the options
  2. Locate the staff member in the list and click the Grant access button next to their name: 

  3. Toggle their access to "On": 

  4. Adjust their access as desired: Check out our How to set access permissions for staff guide for more information.
  5. Click Save to apply.

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