How to add a new appointment [Video]

Check out our Getting Started with Appointments video for a step-by-step guide for adding your first appointment in Timely!

Prefer written instructions? Check out our easy-to-follow steps below!

How to add a new appointment

  1. Select the Calendar tab from the main menu.
  2. Click a desired slot on the calendar or the [+] button (in the top left-hand corner) to add a new appointment:

  3. To add a Class or Busy time click directly on the Calendar on the desired time slot.
  4. Add the customer to the appointment. You can search for an existing customer using any of the existing fields (Name, Company name, Telephone, SMS Number, Email). Timely will bring up a list of existing customers to choose from:

  5. Choose the customer from the search options and we'll add the details to the appointment:
  6. For a new customer just complete the remaining details to add them to the appointment and create a new customer record for them. 
  7. Next up, click the field next to Service 1 to choose a service from the list: 
  8. Adjust the service defaults (Staff, Time, Duration and Price), if desired.
  9. Finally, set the booking status of the appointment to "Pencilled in" or "Confirmed":

  10. Click Save to add the booking to the calendar.

Note: You can set the default Booking status for a new appointment, to be either Pencilled in or Confirmed under Setup > Calendar settings > Appointment settings > Initial status for new appointments.

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