How to set padding time between appointments

Often appointments don't flow seamlessly from one to another without some kind of cleaning, customer attention, station set up, and so on. To facilitate this, you can set Padding time between appointments on Timely.

Timely assigns padding time to individual services because different services require more or less work before the next appointment.

  1. Go to Setup > Services.
  2. Click the Edit button on a chosen service.
  3. Set the Length of the service if you haven't already then click the Add padding time link (see below):

  4. In the new padding time field, specify the number of minutes or hours of padding you need around the service:

  5. Finally, choose from "Padding after" or "Processing time". Processing time allows other bookings to be made in this time, padding time does not. 

Timely factors in padding times for online bookings to ensure there is enough time between consecutive appointments. For example, if a service has a length of 60 minutes and padding time of 15 minutes, Timely will reserve 75 minutes for that service.

Important information

Note: When you update the settings of a service (including adding or adjusting padding time) it will only apply to any new appointments added to the calendar. You can manually update existing bookings so that they use the new settings: 

  1. Click Edit on the appointment.
  2. Select another service in the Service 1 list.
  3. Then re-select the original service from the list.
  4. Click Save to update the appointment to the new settings.

Tip: If you regularly perform multiple services together, these multi-service appointments may have different requirements when it comes to padding/processing time. You can adjust those requirements for those particular appointments, using Service Groups

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