Troubleshooting SMS and email sending

If you have noticed that an email or SMS reminders or notifications hasn't sent as expected, there are a few things you can check:


Do you have reminders and/or notifications enabled?

Head to Setup > Customer messages to confirm that Timely is set up to send notifications and/or reminders.

These will be shown as Email/SMS booking changes and Email/SMS customer reminder:

You have the option to enable both SMS reminders and Email reminders, as well as SMS notifications or Email notifications. These will need to be setup separately.

Check out our How to send automated customer reminders and How to send booking confirmations and notifications guides for more information.


Do you have enough SMS credits?

Go to  Account > SMS Credits and check that you have SMS credits:

If not you'll need to top-up (messages will start sending once you've topped up).

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Is the SMS number or email address valid?

Does the customer have an SMS number or email address listed? And is the number/email a valid address, in the correct format?

You can confirm by editing an appointment from the calendar and checking the SMS number and/or field:

Timely can only send SMS messages to the country you operate from. We will automatically enter the international prefix/dial code for the country that your account is registered in.You may need to remove the international prefix and/or the '0' from your numbers to make sure they send correctly.


Does the customer have their own reminder or notification settings?

Check by going to  Customers > [Search customer] > Edit customer > Notifications:

Ensure the settings in this tab are correct, or set to the default settings.

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Is your customer currently in the black-out period for SMS?

By default we don't send SMS messages to customers in the middle of the night. 

You can check your black-out times by going to  Setup > SMS settings and checking the SMS time restrictions section:

If a message is generated outside of that time frame, the message will remain as Pending until the next window i.e. the next day.

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Do you have an SMS delay?

For some SMS or emails message types there is a default 10 minute delay before the message is actually sent.

This is by design as it allows you to make further tweaks to the appointment without triggering a whole bunch of SMS messages to the customer. 

You can update this setting to a shorter delay, or remove it altogether, under Setup > SMS settings > SMS/Email delay

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Have you placed the appointment within the reminder window?

If you've set reminders to e.g. 24 hours but have placed the appointment inside that time window we won't send an SMS reminder.

The basic rule of thumb is that if the appointment is added after the time the reminder would have been sent, then a reminder won't be sent.

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