Refer your friends to Timely and earn a voucher!

Refer a friend to Timely and you could get a $100/£100 gift voucher! We want more great customers like you! Help us introduce more awesome people to Timely.

Ready to refer a friend? Head over to Here you’ll find your unique shareable link. 

How does it work?

  1. In Timely, head to this page:
  2. Click the ‘Copy’ button, or highlight and copy your full shareable link. 
  3. Share your unique shareable link on social media or send it straight to your friends. Make sure you let them know why you love Timely!
  4. Your friends click the link to start a trial. 
  5. If they start a trial, we’ll email to let you know.
  6. We’ll then email to let you know if they activate their account, and you’ll be emailed your voucher!

Remember, your friend needs to click on the link you share to start a trial, so we know it was you who referred them!

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible to refer a friend?

All active Timely customers, business owners and staff, are eligible to refer a friend. 

How many times can I refer a friend?

Share your unique link as many times as you like! There are no limits to the number of referrals that can be made from your link. 

How can I claim my gift voucher?

Once your friend activates, you’ll be emailed your gift voucher from Timely via Giftpay. You can select your gift voucher from one of these great stores: 

Not based in one of the above regions?

When your friend activates, Timely will reach out to you to arrange a suitable gift voucher. 

How does my friend claim their 2 months half price?

If your friend starts their trial through your unique shareable link, their 2 months half price will be automatically applied when they activate their Timely account. 

What if my friend hasn’t followed my unique shareable link to sign up?

If your referred friend hasn’t followed your unique link to sign up, please ask them to email our support team to confirm the referral. We’ll then be in touch with both you and your friend to confirm the referral rewards. 

How long is my link valid for? 

Your unique shareable link does not expire and it can be used at any time. However, Timely has the right to cancel the scheme at any time.

I haven’t received my gift voucher, who do I contact about this?

Your gift voucher will be sent out to you via email if your referred friend’s Timely account is still active 30 days from their activation date. Please check the inbox of your email address you use for your Timely account. On rare occasions, gift vouchers may go to spam folders, so please check your spam folder. 

Still no gift voucher? Contact us here and we’ll look into this for you.

Terms and Conditions 

Effective from 6th July 2020. The incentive is available to any active customer, including business owners and staff. Gift vouchers will be sent to referring customers via email 30 days after their referred friend’s activation date. The referred friend must still have an active Timely account after the 30 days in order for the referring customer to be eligible for the gift voucher incentive. 

Timely retains the right to update the form of incentive to customers at any time. This offer does not extend to self-referrals, or to another business in your name. We retain the right to determine whether a referred friend is genuine and valid at our sole discretion. 

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