How to change your Timely plan

There are two plans available in Timely, the Schedule plan and the Schedule and Sell plan.

You also have the option to be billed monthly, as well as an annual billing option.

In this guide we will cover:

  1. How to switch between the Schedule and Schedule and Sell plans.
  2. How you will be billed when switching between plans.
  3. Switching to the Annual billing option.


Switching plans

You can switch between the Schedule and Schedule & Sell plans at any time:

Note: You must be logged in as the account holder to make these changes.

  1. Head to Account > Billing in the main menu.
  2. At the top of the page, you will see your current plan selected in blue:

  3. If you are on our Schedule and Sell plan, you will see a link to click here to view the plan options:
  4. Underneath the other plan option, you will see an option to Switch to this plan:

  5. You will be shown the price of your new plan, as well as a confirmation of your next billing date: 

  6. Click Confirm plan change to complete the switch.

What will you be billed?

If you were previously only on the Schedule plan and you upgrade to the Schedule and Sell plan, you will be credited the balance of your Schedule payment for the remainder of the billing period. You will then be charged the full Schedule and Sell price, less the credit applied. Your billing date will then be reset to today's

If you are switching from the  Schedule to the Schedule and Sell plan while on an Annual plan, you will be credited back a pro-rated component to account for the Schedule (Annual) price you have already paid. You will then be charged for the next 12 months on the Schedule and Sell (Annual) plan. This will also reset your next billing date to 12 months from today's date.

If you temporarily upgrade your account, then return to the Schedule plan, you won't be refunded for any pro-rated charges.

If you are downgrading to the Schedule plan, then you will lose access to any reports or features that were available on the Schedule and Sell plan. You may wish to export any reports for that period, for your records.  Check out our What reports are included in my plan? guide for more information.

That information won't be deleted, so if you have any questions or concerns about accessing that information, reach out to us on

To find out more about what is included in the two plans, and the price for your account, check out our pricing page:


Annual billing

You can choose to switch to the annual billing option at any time. Switching to the annual plan will also give you a discount to the value of one free month of Timely every year.

Our  How to switch to annual billing guide steps you through that process in more detail.

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