How to change your Timely plan

As of 1 May 2019, we have introduced new pricing packages to Timely. If you are on Schedule or Schedule and Sell, and are wanting to switch, get in touch with our team at to discuss moving to one of our great new packages. 

Switching plans

  1. To switch to a different plan, head to Account > Billing and click Change plan.

  2. You'll be taken back to the screen you saw when you activated, to choose a new package. Select the package you want to move to and click Change package:

  3. You'll see the changes that will be made. Click Confirm to complete your package switch:

What will you be billed?

If you upgrade to a higher package, you will be credited the balance of your package payment for the remainder of the billing period. You will then be charged the full price of your new package, less the credit applied. Your billing date will then be reset to today.

If you temporarily upgrade your account, then return to a lower package, you won't be refunded for any pro-rated charges.

To find out more about what is included in the packages, and the price for your account, check out our pricing page:

Switching between monthly and annual billing

You can switch between paying monthly and annually for your Timely account if you wish. To do this, click Switch to yearly payments (or monthly if you were already on annual billing):

The changes will be reflected - click Confirm to confirm your changes:

What will you be billed?

If you switch from monthly billing to annual, you will be credit back the remainder of your monthly payment, and billed immediately for the coming year. The annual payment will be less any credit from your monthly bill.

If you switch from annual billing to monthly, you will not be charged anything until your next billing date. When your next billing date rolls around, you will be charged the new monthly rate. 

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