How to move country with your Timely account

Have you decided to move your massage business to Fiji? Your consulting business to Oman? Awesome! We have some helpful tips for what to do with your account.

This guide will step you through the process of what to do when moving. We'll cover how to:

  1. Talk to us about your big move.
  2. Update your business details.
  3. Update your billing details.


Talk to us about your account!

If you are planning on moving your business to another country you need to inform us in plenty of time. This is because we need to make sure your billing details are updated to suit the new country. 

You will need to send an email to with the following information:

  1. The end date in your current country.
  2. The country you're moving to.
  3. The start date of your business in the new country.
  4. Also let us know if you will be needing a payment holiday in between these two dates.

Once you provide us with that information we can get things sorted behind the scenes for you.


Update your business details

Seeing as you are going to be in a new country, many of your business details will change. 

Here is a list of the main things to update - these can be found under the Setup > Business details menu:

  1. Business name (if required).
  2. Business website (if required).
  3. Country name.
  4. Country currency.
  5. Country timezone.

You will also need to update the Location(s) of your business, as well as any contact details for Staff and/or Administrators (especially if you'd like to receive SMS notifications):

  1. Update your locations under Setup > Locations.
  2. Edit the contact details of staff under Setup > Staff.
  3. Review your pricing for products and services under Setup > Services/Products.
  4. Update the SMS number for online booking notifications under Setup > Staff notifications.


Update your billing details

Now that you've moved countries and switched to the appropriate billing currency, you'll need to update your billing and credit card details:

You can update these by heading to Account > Billing in your account:

  1. Click the Update credit card button to change the card details.
  2. Click the Update billing details button to change your billing address etc.

Our  How to manage your Timely account guide has some more detailed instructions.

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