How to view your Timely plan

We keep a detailed record of your account’s charges and payment history, which can be accessed in the account at any time.

In this guide, we'll cover how to view:

  1. Your plan cost.
  2. A detailed payment history.
  3. Your account invoices.


View your plan cost

You can view the cost of your monthly subscription, which is based on the number of active staff that you have at the time.

This can be found by heading to Account > Billing in your account.

You will see a Plan cost section, which will show you what you can expect your next Timely subscription to be:

This won't include any SMS purchases, or charges for any additional staff members that have been added since your last billing date.

You can also view the date your Next payment is due below that, which is when you can expect to see that amount debited from your card.


View a detailed payment history

Head to Account > Billing > Payment history in your account.

This shows all the charges and payments made against your account, which includes both your regular subscription and any purchased SMS Credits.

You can see the Date/time the transaction was made, the Transaction type, a Description and the value of the charges (Debit/Credit).

A summary of the Transaction types can be found here:

  • Charge - The cost of your subscription or any additional purchases, such as add ons or SMS top-ups.
  • Pro-rated charge - If you add a staff member part-way through your billing cycle, you will be immediately charged a "pro-rated" fee for that staff member. This covers their calendar for the remainder of that billing period. The staff member will then be included in your regular monthly bill.
  • Adjustment- Manual plan adjustments that are made from our end or any coupons/discounts applied.
  • Payment - Thank you - When your actual credit card has been charged and the payment is successful.
  • Payment (with no “Thank you”) - A payment has been attempted but it has failed to be processed, payment has failed.


View your account Invoices

An invoice will be generated every month, which will detail all of the charges made within a specific billing period.

You can view these at any time by heading to Account > Billing > Invoices

This page shows all invoices issued through Timely billing in descending order, with the most recent invoice shown at the top.

  • Click View to open the invoice.
  • Click Print to download/print a copy of the invoice for your own records.

The Date shown will be for the beginning of the Billing period and will include any charges made within that month's billing period.

e.g. If you are billed on the 16th of every month, your payment for September will be included in the Billing period for July 16th to August 16th, with the payment itself being taken on the 16th of August.

If you're unsure of which month is included in an invoice, you can check the Statement detail on the invoice to see which month the payment is for:

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