Getting started with Rewards

Rewards makes it easy for you to build strong and lasting relationships with your customers by rewarding them for their loyalty. 

Your customers will earn points based on their spend. When they’ve earned enough points, they will unlock the Rewards that you’ve set. They can use this reward to pay at their next visit to your business.

You have control to set your Rewards formula to ensure your loyalty programme works for your business.

In this guide, we will step you through how to enable and set up Rewards in your Timely account.

  1. How Rewards works
  2. Setting up Rewards in your Timely account


How Rewards work

  • Your clients earn points automatically based on amount spent for the visit
  • You set how many points they need in order to earn their Rewards. You also specify the Rewards value.
  • The points are redeemed into Rewards when you apply it to their sale. It will appear as a Rewards line item on the invoice.

Additional information

  • All customers are automatically opted-in. No registration required.
  • Gift vouchers and store credits collect points when applied to sale. Packages do not collect points.
  • Rewards cannot be used to pay for gift vouchers and store credits
  • Points are automatically removed if transaction is refunded or invoice is deleted.
  • There is a setting to display Rewards balance on printed receipts & emails to your clients but it is turned off by default.


Setting up Rewards in your Timely Account

This feature is only available on our Elevate and Innovate (Rewards with Advanced settings) plans; everything you need to take your business to the next level. Find out how to upgrade in our How to change your Timely plan guide.

  1. Head to Setup > Sales tools > Rewards. Click on Enable rewards to setup your rewards formula.
  2. We've worked with industry experts to help you choose a Rewards formula. This is based on your own business data. However, if there isn't enough data, we use an example figure. You can choose from these recommendations or create your own formula.

  3. Within Advanced settings (only available on the Innovate plan), you can set how points are awarded and whether you want to show Rewards to your customers. You can also set your points expiry policy.

    We would recommend that you trial your Rewards programme for a while prior to enabling Show rewards to customers. This will provide you with the flexibility and confidence that Rewards will work for your business.

  4. Click Save and you are now set up with Rewards
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